All of the Shirley Temple Dolls

All of the Shirley Temple Dolls

Composition Dolls are made of a 6-piece(strung together with elastic) sawdust-based, wood-pulp material (composition), that was later painted flesh toned. These dolls had hazel eyes with hair upper lashes, and painted eyebrows, lower lashes, lip paint, and nostrils. The wigs were made of mohair and styled in golden curls similar to Shirleys'. The clothes were made to resemble Shirley's own clothes and the outfits of her movies. They were produced between 1934-1939. Most (except for the earliest dolls) were marked SHIRLEY TEMPLE on the back of the head and/or the back of the neck. The resemblance to the real Shirley was uncanny in these dolls, and they have (and will always be) a collectors favorite. Finding a doll in excellent condition is difficult (and can be expensive), due to the fact that composition can crack/craze, and the eyes crack easily. These dolls are valued at $200 (in bad condition) to upwards of $1000(completely depends on condition/rarity of outfit, etc.).They came in 9 sizes: 11", 13", 16", 17", 18", 20", 22", 25", and 27".

Composition Baby Shirley Temple Doll:

Shirley Temple baby dolls were made in 1935-1936. They had a composition shoulder plate, head, legs, and arms (later also made with rubber shoulder plates and arms, the rubber deteriorated extremely over the years and finding one of these with arms in good condition is nearly impossible), and a cloth body. They were marked SHIRLEY TEMPLE on the back of the head. They came as wigged or bald, and had an open mouth with two upper teeth and three lower ones. The babies came in an organdy long dress and bonnet, cotton panties/slip, and leather booties. They came in sizes: 16", 18", 20", 22", 25" and 27". The babies can vary in price from $200(in bad shape without original clothes) to $2500(in pristine condition, with original clothes)

Vinyl Shirley Temple Dolls from 1957-1963

Vinyl Dolls that looked like Shirley were made in 1957-1963 during Shirley's popularity resurgence during the Shirley Storybook Series on TV. They were made out of vinyl, with a smiling dimped mouth and saran hair. They came in 5 sizes (with markings on back of head and back as follows): 12"(ST-12, ST-12-N), 15" (ST-15, ST-15-N), 17"-which sometimes came with "flirty eyes"(ST-17, ST-17-N), 19"-which sometimes came with "flirty eyes"(ST-19, ST-19-N), and 36"(ST-35, ST-35-38-N). These dolls wore some clothes from Shirleys films (such as Heidi, Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm, Captain January, and Wee Willie Winkie), the 15" dolls came out with the Storybook Series including Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peed, and Cinderella; however, most dolls wore 50's fashion dresses. Many people felt that though these were cute dolls, they didn't have the personality that the compo dolls did. Though these dolls were popular, they do not have the collector value of the early dolls. For these dolls, prices are: 12"($35-if played with/not original clothes to $150-in near mint condition/all original), 15"($70-if played with/not original clothes to $200-in near mint condition/all original), 17"($100-if played with/not original clothes to $250-in near mint condition/all original), 19"($125-if played with/not original clothes to $350-in near mint condition/all original), 36"($500-if played with/not original clothes to $1200-in near mint condition/all original).

Shirley Temple Dolls from the 1970s

Montgomery Ward Shirley doll was made in 1972 to celebrate Ward's 100th Anniversary. CLICK HERE to see a picture of this doll. It was a replica of the 1950's 15" Shirley, and is 15" tall. She was made of vinyl, with saran hair, with a flocked nylon dress. She is marked ST-15-N/Ideal Doll/Hong Kong and Ideal ST-15/Hong Kong. The box this doll came in said "Yesterday's Darling" on the front. Many people thought that this doll didn't match up to the standard of the previous Shirleys, and it was only produced for a short amount of time. In mint condition, this doll is worth $100, in the box, she is worth around $150.

16" Vinyl Shirley doll was made in 1973 to replace the doll made the year before. CLICK HERE to see a picture of this doll. She is 16" tall and marked 1972/Ideal Toy Corp./ST-14/H-312/Hong Kong (*or something similar). Shirley was made of vinyl, with saran hair, curled in front, and short in the back (apparently Ideal got lazy). She is smiling, but the mouth on the doll itself is not open (for the first time). This doll came in the Stand Up and Cheer red dotted dress. Her box said, "Now Appearing SHIRLEY TEMPLE" and had many pictures of Shirley on it. Many collectors think that this doll resembles Shirley the most, though the compo doll is still the cherished one. The doll is worth $100-150 in the original box.

Ideal Shirley Temple Dolls from the 1980s

1982 Vinyl Shirley Dolls are not the prettiest Shirley dolls. They came in 8" and 12" sizes, in a variety of her movie costumes. The box had script writing of her name Shirley Temple in pink. They are worth from $35-50 Mint in box.

1983 Vinyl Shirley dolls are just like the 1982 dolls, but they have pale white skin (supposedly Shirley wanted it that way cause it looked more like porcelain). The box has script writing of her name Shirley Temple in blue. These dolls are worth $35-50.

The first Porcelain Shirley dolls were the first limited edition dolls, by Hank Garfunkel. CLICK HERE to see a picture of this doll. The doll has a pink dress, is 16-17" tall, and is signed Shirley Temple. Worth $50-100.

1984 Vinyl Shirley dolls look more like Barbara Streisand then Shirley to me, they just didn't get the face right. CLICK HERE to see a picture of this doll. They are 16" tall, and came in 3 outfits: Heidi velvet party dress, Diaper from the early Baby Burlesk films, and Stand Up and Cheer, they have pale white skin also. These dolls are worth $75.

Dolls Dream and Love Shirley dolls are quite large, and came in different styles including Stand Up and Cheer, Captain January, Baby Take a Bow, The Little Colonel, and even a Shirley baby. They were made in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Shirley Temple doll in 1985 by Hank Garfunkel. They ranged in size from 30" to 36". They are worth between $150-300 depending on style and condition.

Danbury Mint Shirley Temple Dolls (1986 - Present)

Danbury Mint Shirley dolls are limited edition beautiful Shirley dolls, with such elaborate costumes. The first to come out was Stand Up and Cheer (part of an 8 set series). Then, the Little Princess (another 8 se series which also included Bright Eyes, Dimples, Little Colonel, Heidi, and Curly Top). Other Danbury Mint dolls were produced over the next few years including toddler dolls, family album dolls, (which came in many varieties from Shirleys personal photos of her), porcelain Shirley dolls with less elaborate costumes, vinyl Shirley dolls with a dress-up wardrobe, tiny 10" Shirley dolls, Shirley dolls as pictured with their very own Shirley dolls, and now reproduction Shirley dolls made of porcelain and vinyl 33" tall Playpal style dolls.

Shirley Temple Lookalikes

Many parents could not afford a Shirley Temple doll for this children in the 1930s because they were so expensive. So, many companies offered their own version of the Shirley Temple doll (not authorized). CLICK HERE to see a picture of a Shirley Temple lookalike doll. If your doll is not marked Shirley Temple, it is probably is a lookalike doll (unless it is a rare prototype). CLICK HERE to see a prototype Shirley Temple doll.

Other Shirley Temple Collectibles

Though my favorite Shirley Temple collectibles are the Shirley Temple dolls. There were literally thousands of other Shirley Temple collectibles produced. This includes everything from paper dolls to sheet music, buttons to bows, purses, hats, shoes, tea sets, glassware, and so much more. CLICK HERE to see a pictures and descriptions of many of the Shirley Temple collectibles that have been produced over the years.

Please note: This is not a complete listing...covering all of them is beyond the scope of this website, however, just about everything is listed in my Shirley Temple book.

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