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Shirley and her dog:
Shirley Temple and her dog Sparky

Yes, Shirley Temple is alive! Shirley Temple is currently 78 years old. She was born on April 23, 1928. She is healthy and doing well. She is still in the news occasionally, and I will try to list the articles that feature her here. Most recently, she was featured at the SAG awards accepting a Lifetime Achievement award.

Unfortunately, I can not catch every article, so be sure to EMAIL ME when you spot an article about Shirley Temple in the news.

List of Shirley articles
  • Picture from the Oscars
  • People Magazine, 6/8/98 - Picture Perfect
  • People Magazine, 10/26/98 - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • USA Today, 12/2/98 - Movie Legend hasn't Lost her Childhood Spunk
  • George Magazine, 10/99 - Shirley Temple Black
  • The Mail Tribune, 1999 - Shirley Temple Black
  • Yahoo News, 2/2000 - Temple distances herself from TV projects
  • Recent pictures of Shirley and her dog Sparky
  • May 2000 - Ashley Rose Orr plays Shirley Temple in a Disney movie about her life
  • April 9, 2002 - John Agar (Shirley's first husband) died
  • August 4, 2005 - Charles Alden Black (Shirley's husband of 55 years) died with Shirley by his side
  • January 29, 2006 - Shirley Temple was honored at the 2006 SAG Awards with a Lifetime Achievement Award, a rare opportunity to see the most beloved child star ever
  • January 29, 2006 - Pictures of Shirley from the SAG awards. She is seen in many of them with her son Charles Black Jr. (though the caption mistakenly identifies him as her husband).

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