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Online Shirley Temple store. Buy, sell, and trade Shirley Temple dolls; as well as buy Shirley Temple VHS videos, DVDs, books, and CDs at my online store. Hello world Hello world 2!!

Offering a wide variety of quality Shirley Temple dolls and collectibles as well as other dolls also. My current selection of Shirley dolls is unbeatable. All original Shirley Temple dolls, and affordable dolls that come to you pre-loved, check to see what is available. Although I am located in Florida, I offer both stateside and international shipping. I also work hard to insure that everyone can have a Shirley Temple doll - with my generous layaway plan!


Selling your composition Shirley Temple doll? EMAIL ME I offer top dollar on a Shirley Temple doll or an entire collection, please be sure to describe your doll, and (if you can) send a picture.

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See my article in Doll News (the United Federation of Doll Clubs - UFDC - magazine) honoring Shirley's Life. The magazine was published in MID-JUNE 2014!

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Shirley Temple Passed away on February 10, 2014 at the age of 85...

Theriaults is auctioning off all of Shirleys dolls, memorbilia, and original movie costumes on July 14, 2015. The auction is going to be like nothing anyone has ever seen before...

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All about Shirley Temple

In 1934, at the age of 6, Shirley Temple dimpled and danced her way into the hearts of millions with the movie Stand Up and Cheer. This movie, along with the ones that followed, made her the most popular movie star of the Depression era. Her smiling face made people forget their troubles, and though the Depression is now long over, Shirley Temple's "sparkle" has proven itself to be timeless.


Read through a short biography on Shirley's life to learn more about her

I have the largest compilation of Shirley Temple song lyrics on the internet. You can search for your favorite song, or just look through our list of songs that she sang in her most famous movies.

Shirley's movies may have been produced in the 1930s and 1940s, but her appeal is timeless. In the section on Shirley Temple movies, I review each movie for you, let you search through her movies, and allow you to click through to buy most of her movies for yourself.

View over 250 Shirley Temple photos online. Most of these came from original articles from the 1930s, which I have also scanned online.

I have also included many recent articles on Shirley Temple (yes, she is still alive!). I try to keep up to date with the news on Shirley Temple Black.

Shirley Temple in 1936

Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles

All about Shirley Temple dolls and collectibles

The Complete Guide to Shirley Temple Dolls And Collectibleshas been released in stores. Over the last two years, I have been working on writing to most complete and accurate book on Shirley Temple Collectibles every published. It was officially finished on August 1, 2005. It came out on June 6, so be sure to order yours today! You can see a picture of the cover on the left.

Are you trying to find out what kind of Shirley Temple doll you have, or if the doll that you have is actually a Shirley Temple doll? I can help! Complete a checklist to determine what kind of Shirley Temple doll you have.

We have assembled the largest Shirley Temple dolls archive anywhere. The archive contains a list of all Shirley Temple dolls (that we have heard of) ever released!

The most collectible celebrity doll ever made is the Shirley Temple doll. Find out more information about the different molds and markings on the composition Shirley Temple dolls.

Shirley Temple dolls can be expensive. However, if you can fix up a well-loved doll, you can make it beautiful again. Find out how to do this, along with tips on how to keep Shirley looking her best. Thousands of people collect Shirley Temple dolls. If you would like to view other Shirley Temple fans collectibles, or submit a picture of your own, just click on the link.


Community Shirley Temple Forum

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Shirley Temple Kid Zone

Be sure to check out the Shirley Temple Kid Zone

Kids! Be sure to enter the Shirley Temple Essay Contest for a chance to win a FREE Shirley Temple Doll. Not only can you enter the contest, but you can also (with parents approval) put up a picture of yourself where you think that you look like Shirley at our Shirley Temple look-a-like board, or show off your Shirley Temple artwork/poems/songs at the interactive forum.

Do you love Shirley? Now, you can email Shirley Temple greeting cards to anyone that you know who has an email address. If they don't have an email address, then you can print out these Shirley Temple cards for your friends and family.

If you love paper dolls, then you have to go to our Shirley Temple Paper doll section. There are colored paper dolls and uncolored, just print them out, cut them out, and you are ready to go! If you would like to play with a virtual paper doll, we also have just what you are looking for.

Shirley Temple has lived a very full and interesting life. Do you think you know a lot about her? Take this Shirley Temple quiz and find out how much you do know. This will be updated to include even more Shirley Temple trivia.

Try out ourShirley Temple games! The only place you can play Shirley games on the internet.


Latest News - Shirley Temple and our Shirley Temple website

I am sad to report that Shirley died on February 10, 2014.

Many Shirley Temple images are copyright Twentieth Century Fox.
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