Identify your Shirley Temple dolls

A word about Shirley Temple Dolls

Recommended Doll Book:
I am the author of the book, it doesnt come out until March, but it will be THE book on Shirley Temple collecting!

This webpage is meant to help you identify which Shirley Temple doll you have. I have provided a range of prices to help you determine the value of your Shirley Temple doll, remember, this is just an estimate.

You can find out a lot more information about your doll in my new Shirley Temple book, The Complete Guide to Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles.

Also, please remember, most of these dolls were made a while ago and came out for multiple years, there were slightly different model numbers made of the same doll with a few other minor differences. For the most part, pick the selection that MOST CLOSELY describes your doll (it does not have to be **exact**).

IDENTIFY YOUR DOLLS (just click on what applies to your doll)
Doll is made of ALL COMPOSITION.
Composition is a wood/sawdust based material that was used to make most play dolls in the 1930s and early 1940s. It has to be painted, and is usually found to have some cracking or crazing, because the wood would expand and shrink over the years. A composition doll wore a wig, the hair was never rooted.
Doll is made of Composition and Cloth (and/or Rubber).
Many early dolls were made of compo and cloth. They had a compo head, shoulder plate, arms, and legs, and a cloth body. Only the baby Shirley dolls had a cloth body, though some were found with rubber arms and shoulderplate (so click on this link if your Shirley doll has a rubber shoulder plate and arms).
Doll is made of VINYL.
Vinyl was first used to make dolls in the late 1940s/early 1950s. It is nearly indestructable, and these dolls survive better than many of the early composition dolls. Most of these dolls had rooted saran hair.
Doll is made of PORCELAIN.
Porcelain (also known as bisque) has been used to make dolls for the last 100 years. It must be handled carefully, because it can break. Most Shirley dolls now-a-days are made of porcelain because they are meant for collectors (not as play dolls). These dolls wore a wig.
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