Other Shirley Temple Collectibles

Other Shirley Temple Collectibles

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Though my favorite Shirley Temple collectibles are the Shirley Temple dolls. There were literally thousands of other Shirley Temple collectibles produced. This includes everything from paper dolls to sheet music, buttons to bows, purses, hats, shoes, tea sets, glassware, and so much more. I try to cover some of the most recognizable collectibles here.

Please note: This is not a complete listing...covering all of them is beyond the scope of this website, however, just about everything is listed in my Shirley Temple book. CLICK HERE to buy my Shirley Temple book.

Shirley Temple Books

1930s Books

  • "The Shirley Temple Story", a soft-cover book by the Fox Film Corp., 1934.
  • "A Movie About Me", by Fox Film Corp., 1934.
  • Big Little Books (many came in either soft or hard-cover:
    • "The Story of Shirley Temple" (1934) hard-cover (#1089)
    • "The Littlest Rebel" (1935) hard-cover (#1115)
    • "My Life and Times by Shirley Temple" (1936) hard cover (#1116)
    • "Shirley Temple in The Little Colonel" (1935) hard-cover (#1095)
  • Shirley Temple(#1737) a hard-cover biography by Jerome Beatty (Saalfield, 1935)
  • "The Little Colonel", a hard-cover book released by Johnston Bust & Co. (1935),
  • Shirley Temple's Favorite Poems (#1720) a hard-cover book by Saalfield (1936).
  • Hard-cover "Heidi" book from the 1930s.
  • Shirley Temple at Play (#1712) a soft-cover book by Saalfield (1935).
  • Shirley Temple Story Book (#1736), a hard-cover book by Saalfield (1935).
    • Also came as a boxed set called Shirley Temple Her Books (#1749) with Shirley Temple (#1737) by Jerome Beatty.
  • Shirley Temple Scrapbook
    • scrapbook from 1935(#1714)
    • re-issue from 1936 with a different cover (#1722)
    • re-issue from 1937 with a different cover (#1763)
  • How I Raised Shirley Temple (#945) from 1935
  • Shirley Temple Throughout the Day (#1716) from 1936
  • Shirley Temple Little Star (#1762), a soft-cover book by Saalfield, 1936
  • Shirley Temple 5 Books About Me (#1730), a boxed set of 5 soft-cover books by Saalfield, 1936
    • Shirley Temple Little Playmate
    • Shirley Temple in Starring Roles
    • Shirley Temple Just a Little Girl
    • Shirley Temple on the Movie Lot
    • Shirley Temple Twinkletoes.
  • Shirley Temple's Book of Fairy Tales (#1748) a thick hard-cover book by Saalfield (1936)
  • Shirley Temple in Poor Little Rich Girl (#1723) from 1936
  • Shirley Temple in Dimples (#1760) from 1936
  • Shirley Temple in Stowaway (#1767) from 1936
  • Shirley Temple in Wee Willie Winkie (#1769) from 1937
  • Shirley Temple in Heidi (#337) from 1937 - black and white
  • Shirley Temple in Heidi (#1771) from 1937 - color
  • Now I am Eight (#1766) from 1937
  • Shirley Temple the Real Little Girl and her Own Honolulu Diary (#1775) from 1938
  • Shirley Temple Her Life in Pictures (#1774) from 1938
  • Shirley Temple in Little Miss Broadway (#1778) from 1938
  • Shirley Temple in The Little Princess (#1783)
  • Shirley Temple in Susannah of the Mounties (#1785)
The Shirley Temple Story:

Shirley Temple at Play (#1712):

Shirley Temple in Poor Little Rich Girl (#1723):

Shirley Temple in Susannah of the Mounties (#1785):

1940s Books

  • My Young Life, a hard-cover "autobiography" written by a teenage Shirley, by Garden City Publishing Company (1945)
  • Shirley Temple and the Spirit of Dragonwood (#2311), Whitman (1945)
  • Shirley Temple and the Screaming Specter (#2330), Whitman (1945)
  • Honeymoon (#103), a soft-cover book released by Bart House (1946)
  • Shirley Temple 21st Birthday Album, a soft-cover book by Dell, April 1949
My Young Life (1945):

1950s Books

  • Hard-cover Shirley Temple Edition books by Random House, 1959
    • The Littlest Rebel (X-2)
    • Captain January and The Little Colonel (X-5) consisted of two stories in one book
    • Heidi (X-1)
    • Susannah of the Mounties (X-4)
    • Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (X-3)
  • The Shirley Temple Treasury included Heidi, The Little Colonel, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and Captain January (1959)
  • Shirley Temple's Fairyland (1958)
  • Shirley Temple Stories that Never Grow Old (1958)
  • Shirley Temple's Favorite Tales of Long Ago (1959)
  • Shirley Temple's Storybook, a hard-cover book by Random House (1958)
  • Shirley Temple's Storytime Favorites, a hard-cover book by Random House (1962)
  • Shirley Temple's Bedtime Book, a hard-cover book by Random House (early 1960s)
  • Shirley Temple's Nursery Tales, a hard-cover book featuring the stories of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Rumpelstilzkin, and The Wild Swan, by Random House (1961)
The Shirley Temple Treasury (1959):

Shirley Temple's Storytime Favorites:

1970s thru present day Books

Many biographys have come out over the last 20 to 30 years. The most famous being Shirley Temple's autobiography "Child Star" (the second hlf of the autobiography should be out soon!). Others included "The Shirley Temple Scrapbook", "The Shirley Temple Story", and "The Films of Shirley Temple".

Shirley Temple Paper Dolls

1930s Paper Dolls

  • Shirley Temple Dolls and Dresses (1934) by Saalfield, item #2112
  • Shirley Temple Standing Dolls (1935) by Saalfield, #1715.
  • Shirley Temple Standing Doll (1935) by Saalfield, #1719.
  • Shirley Temple and Her Playhouse (1935) by Saalfield, #1780.
  • Shirley Temple A Life-like Paper Doll (1936) by Saalfield, #1765.
  • Shirley Temple Dolls and Dresses (1937) by Saalfield, #1761
  • Shirley Temple Dolls and Dresses Her Movie Wardrobe (1938) by Saalfield, #1773.
  • Shirley Temple Paper Dolls (1939) by Saalfield, #1782.
Paper Doll #2112:
1940s Paper Dolls

  • Shirley Temple in Masquerade Costumes (1940) by Saalfield, #1787.
  • The New Shirley Temple in Paper Dolls (1942) by Saalfield, #2425.
Paper Doll #2425:
1950s Paper Dolls

  • Shirley Temple Paper Dolls (1958) by Saalfield, #4435.
  • Shirley Temple Large Folding Doll (1959) by Saalfield, #5160.
  • Shirley Temple An 18" Standing Doll Costumes and Accesories (1959) by Saalfield, #4470.
  • Shirley Temple Dolls and Dresses (1959), Saalfield. Came as folder or paper doll book (#1053, #4440).
  • Shirley Temple Paper dolls (1960) by Saalfield, came as a paper doll book and as a stand-up set.
  • Shirley Temple Snap-on Paper doll (1959), by Gabriel, #299.
  • Shirley Temple Snap-On Paper Dolls (1958) by Gabriel, #300.
  • Shirley Temple Magnetic Dolls (1961) by Gabriel, #301.
  • Shirley Temple Magnetic Dolls and Jewelry (1961) by Gabriel, #303.
  • Shirley Temple Stand-Up Paper Doll with Authentic Life-Like Hair (1958) by Gabriel, #304.
  • Shirley Temple Paper Doll Life Size (1960) by Gabriel, #305.
Paper Doll #4435:
1970s Paper Dolls

  • Shirley Temple boxed set of paper dolls (1976), by Whitman.
  • Shirley Temple paper doll book (1976) by Whitman, (#1986).
1980s thru present day Paper Dolls

Dover Publications reproduced some of the earlier paper doll series in the mid-1980s. H. Sharkman also reproduced some of the 1930s paper dolls series in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Other Shirley Temple Paper Products

Shirley Temple Sheet Music

Shirley Temple sheet music was produced for all of the songs in Shirley's most famous movies. Currently single sheet music is valued at $10 (for the most common songs) to $50 for the harder-to-find sheet music such as Curly Top's Birthday (from 1937). Shirley Temple song albums were also produced. These included "Sing with Shirley Temple, Shirley Temple Song Album" (1935), "Shirley Temple Song Album No. 2" (1936), and "Shirley Temple's Favorite Songs" (1937). These are valued at around $25-30 each. A few pieces of sheet music were reproduced in the 1950s.

Animal Crackers in my Soup (1935):
Sheet Music
Shirley Temple Posters and Advertising

Different versions of movie posters were made for each of Shirley's most famous movies. Currently these are valued at $1000 and up, really depends quite a bit on condition. Other advertising included Press Books which were large books produced for each Shirley Temple movie which advertised all of the products that would be released with the movie. These are worth $250 and up. Other forms of advertising included lobby cards, movie heralds, giveaway publicity photos, theatre programs, etc.

Shirley Temple Press Book for Bright Eyes (1934):
Press Book
1930s Shirley Temple Coloring Books and Playkits

Saalfield made many different coloring books and playkits during the 1930s that included:

  • Shirley Temple Pastime Book (#1726), soft-cover (1935)
  • Shirley Temple Coloring Book (#1735), a hard-cover (1935) (produced for libraries). Also produced for libraries:
    • Shirley Temple Drawing Book (#1725) from 1935
    • Shirley Temple Coloring Box (#1731) from 1935
  • Shirley Temple This is My Crayon Book (#1711) from 1935
  • Shirley Temple My Book to Color (#1768), 1937
  • Shirley Temple Christmas Book (#1770), 1937
  • Shirley Temple A Great Big Book to Color (#1717), 1936
  • Shirley Temple coloring book (#1772) by Saalfield, 1937
  • Shirley Temple This is My Crayon Book (#287), Saalfield, 1935 (Shirley's head is not cut out)
  • Shirley Temple Birthday Book, (1935)
  • Shirley Temple Drawing Set (#1738), 1935
  • Shirley Temple Coloring Set (#1718), 1935
  • Shirley Temple My Coloring Box (#1740)
  • Shirley Temple Drawing and Coloring Book (#1724), hard-cover (1935)
  • Shirley Temple's Sewing Cards (#1721), 1936
  • Shirley Temple Work with Yarn (#1750) a boxed set, 1936
  • Shirley Temple Coloring Box (#1728), 1935
    • Library version of this set has the same cover except in red (#1731).
  • 4 Books Shirley Temple Pastime Box (#1732), 1937. Boxed set of four books:
    • Shirley Temple Favorite Coloring Book
    • Shirley Temple Puzzles
    • Shirley Temple Favorite Games
    • Shirley Temple Favorite Sewing Cards
  • Shirley Temple's Bluebird Coloring Book (#1788), 1940
  • Shirley Temple - The Little Princess Coloring Book (#1784), 1939
  • Shirley Temple Crosses the Country (#1779), 1939

Shirley Temple Pastime Box, #1732, (1937):
Pastime Box

Shirley Temple - The Little Princess Coloring Book, #1784, (1939):
Coloring Book

1950s Shirley Temple Coloring Books and Playkits

Saalfield also released activity sets in the 1950s, these were produced using a number of different product numbers, only one product number is listed here - for more information about all of the different product numbers that were used be sure to buy my Shirley Temple book).

  • Shirley Temple Coloring Book (#5353) from 1959. Other Shirley Temple coloring books (with different covers)
  • Shirley Temple Coloring Book (#4584), 1959
  • Shirley Temple Coloring Book (#4624), 1959
  • The Favorite Pictures of Shirley Temple A Book to Color (#1654), 1958
  • Shirley Temple's Busy Book (#5326), Saalfield (1958)
  • Shirley Temple Magnetic TV Theater (1959) by Amsco
  • Shirley Temple's Treasure Board (#8806) by Saalfield, 1959
  • Shirley Temple Playkit (#9859), by Saalfield, 1958
  • Another Shirley Temple Playkit (#9869), by Saalfield, 1961
Shirley Temple Coloring Book, #4584, (1959):
Coloring book

Shirley Temple Clothing and Accessories

1930s Clothes

Dresses were produced for toddlers (by Nannette - a division of Rosenau Brothers) and little girls (by Cinderella - a division of Rosenau Brothers) in the latest Shirley Temple fashions. The most sought after resembled those that Shirley wore in her most famous movies. Made of the finest quality fabrics such as taffetta and silk, these beautiful dresses were very sought after by young Shirley Temple fans. Shirley Temple coats and snowsuits were made by H & J Block, Shirley Temple swimsuits by Shawmut and Forest Mills, raincoats by Sherbrooke, slip and undies by Kaufman Bros., socks by Trimfit, slippers by Restful, and shoes by Green. Each of these items came with a Shirley Temple tag or had the name "Shirley Temple" inscribed on it, identifying it as a genuine Shirley Temple product.

Cinderella dress from the 1930s:
1930s Accessories and Jewelry

Not only could a Shirley Temple fan wear Shirley Temple clothing from head to toe, but she could also have any number of other Shirley Temple accessories. Licensed accessories included Shirley Temple hats, gloves, purses, muffs, scarves, and even Shirley Temple hair bows. Children's jewelry was also sold with Shirley's image on it, including rings, pins, charms, and necklaces. In most cases, advertisements for these products showed a smiling Shirley wearing the outfit or accessory.

Shirley Temple hairbow from the 1930s:
1950s Clothing and Accessories

When Shirley Temple's TV show debuted in the 1950s, Shirley Temple dresses were again sold to the public. These dresses were made in 1950's style, and did not resemble the ones from the 1930s, nor did they resemble her movie outfits from her childhood films. The dresses were again produced by Nannette (for toddlers) and Cinderella (for little girls). There were not as many products produced as there were in the 1930s. Mainly, there were dresses, and Shirley Temple hats (by Richard Englander).

In addition to the reintroduction of Shirley Temple dresses, Shirley Temple high-end jewelry, play jewelry, and "glamour" play products for children were manufactured by Gabriel. The high-end jewelry was sold in a signature box and included a watch with Shirley's adult signature inscribed on the face, a bracelet of fairytale themes, a pearl necklace, other assorted decorative necklaces, a pearlized pen on a chain, and much more. The play jewelry was similar (but a lower quality) and instead of being featured in a signature box, it was atached to a card. Other play products included:

  • #302 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Snap-On Jewelry set
  • #325 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Beauty Bath
  • #326 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Fresh-Up Kit
  • #327 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Hair Care
  • #330 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Lady Fair
  • #339 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Hair Styler
  • #340 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Pretty Play (came in either blue or orange box)
  • #341 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Beauty Bar
  • #342 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Glamour
  • #450 (late 50s/early 60s) Shirley Temple Glamour Bar
  • #310 (1959) Shirley Temple Movie Favorites Embroidery Set
  • #311 (1960) Shirley Temple Luncheon Embroidery Set
  • #301 (1960) Shirley Temple Movie Favorites Embroidery Set
Cinderella dress from the 1950s:

Shirley Temple necklace set:

Shirley Temple Hair Styler (#339):

Miscellaneous Shirley Temple Items

Though the licensed paper products and clothing and accessories were probably the most sought after Shirley Temple products sold, there were also many other assorted items. The most common being the cobalt blue glassware: bowl, cup, and pitcher. Origianls are worth approximately $30-50. These were reproduced in the 1970s, and often the reproductions are sold as original. The originals have more a detailed (higher quality) Shirley Temple image on the glassware, and the glass itself is also higher quality (the reproduction glassware tends to have small bubbles throughout). Another miscellaneous item is the Shirley Temple teaset produced in the 1950s. The teaset is very sought after and hard to find mint in the original box, valued at ~$300. Another item was the Shirley Temple pen and pencil set. A number of different sets were released throughout the 1930s. The pen sets are worth around $100. Other assorted Shirley Temple products included Shirley Temple soap, a huge number of Shirley Temple giveaway pins (many of which were later reproduced), Shirley Temple flower seeds, Shirley Temple matchbooks, and Shirley Temple doll carriages made by Whitney.

Figurines were also available, both plaster and metal, most were not authorized by Shirley, but were certainly made to resemble her in a variety of poses. Probably the most common pose was "Baby Take a Bow". These figurines are worth anywhere between $20-50.

Shirley Temple records were quite common in the 1950s-1970s, these included her singing songs from the 1930s, other people singing her songs from the 1930s, and even Shirley narrarating stories sch as "Dumbo" and "Bambi". Other unique Shirley Temple items from the 1950s-1960s were a Shirley Temple ironing board and a

In recent years, the Shirley Temple Soda has been released by a number of different companies under many different names. Last year, there was even a Shirley Temple flavored ringpop. Recently, Nostalgia Collectibles and Danbury Mint have released a number of different high quality plates and figurines. Danbury Mint has also produced a tea set, charm bracelet, and Shirley Temple blanket.

Shirley Temple pitchers (original on left, repro on right):

Shirley Temple figurine:

Nostalgia Heidi plate and figurine:

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