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Composition Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles
I am pleased to present the opening of my new Shirley Temple dolls store, a complete listing of all of my dolls that are currently for sale! I really hope that these dolls go to good homes and are loved as much as they had been for so long. So, take a deep breath, and get ready to:

ENTER the Shirley Temple dolls store.

Offering a wide variety of quality Shirley Temple dolls and collectibles. The current selection of Shirley dolls is unbeatable. All original Shirley Temple dolls, and affordable dolls that come to you pre-loved, check to see what is available. Although we are located in Florida, we offer both stateside and international shipping.

Are you selling your composition Shirley Temple doll? Email us, we offer top prices on your Shirley Temple doll or an entire collection, please be sure to describe your doll fully, and (if you can) send pictures (a close-up of the face and a full length shot are all that are needed).

Recommended Shirley Temple Books, Videos, and DVDs

Shirley Temple DVDs for Sale

Shirley Temple Books for Sale

  • Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles: Second Series by Patricia R. Smith
  • Shirley Temple: Identification and Price Guide to Shirley Temple Collectibles by Suzanne Kraus-Mancuso (First Edition)
  • Shirley Temple: Identification & Price Guide to Shirley Temple Collectibles by Suzanne Kraus-Mancuso (Second Edition)
  • "Original Shirley Temple Paper Dolls in Full Color by Children?s Museum Boston
  • Classic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls in Full Color by Grayce Piemontesi
  • Authentic Shirley Temple Patterns by Sandy Williams
  • Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls by Marta K. Krebs
  • Two Pack: Original Shirley Temple Paper Dolls and Classic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls
  • Shirley Temple Music for Sale

  • Animal Crackers in My Soup: The Songs of Shirley Temple sung by: Maria Muldaur
  • On the Good Ship Lollipop [IMPORT] Shirley Temple
  • Shirley Temple in Dimples [SOUNDTRACK] Various Artists
  • Shirley Temple Flowers for Sale

  • Peony Shirley Temple -- 5 roots 2-3 eyes
  • Many Shirley Temple images are copyright Twentieth Century Fox.
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