Shirley Temple Essay Contest

Shirley Temple Essay Contest

The Shirley Temple Essay contest is brought to you by the Shirley Temple Kid Zone. To go to the Shirley Temple Kid Zone, just CLICK HERE.

The 2007-2008 Shirley Temple essay contest has begun!

SCROLL DOWN to view the rules.

Once you have read through the rules CAREFULLY...then...

CLICK HERE to submit your essay.

Grand Prize: 1972 16" vinyl Shirley Temple Doll with Original dress

Deadline: 6/30/2008 ** Deadline has been extended (Results to be released and posted in August 2008)

Requirements: Must be under 25 years of age, OR never have had the funds to afford a Shirley Temple doll (please be honest on this!).

2008 Essay Contest Grand Prize:

2007 Shirley Temple Essay Contest Winners

I am pleased to announce the winner of the 2007 Shirley Temple Essay Contest. I have to thank everyone for participating, I could not have done it without you! All the essays were really impressive, you all really worked so hard, and should be very proud of yourselfs. The contest winners are listed below!
  • Grand Prize: Elizabeth (CLICK HERE to read her essay)

Rules for the Essay Contest

Please be sure to carefully read all the rules so that your essay can be included for this contest.

I have always been thrilled with the responses that I have gotten from my contests, but lately, people seem to be copying the previous winners essays instead of coming up with their own unique essays. Because the contest is for a very valuable prize (worth around $100), I am going to set some more specific rules for the contest this year.

1. The main purpose of this contest is to find out why Shirley is so special to you, this could be a story about Shirley, or a personal account about what her movies have meant to you. Perhaps what it means to you when you are sad to see one of her movies. But it has to be unique, the more original the better. Do not do the same format as previous years. Don't just say that she was cute, there's a lot more to Shirley Temple then just cute. It might help to read her autobiography, Child Star or Anne Edwards biography before you write the essay so that you can find out more about her.

2. The essay has to be at least 400 words, in the last few years I have gotten a number of very short essays that were probably written in about 10 minutes or so, I need these essays to be ones that you really worked on. I will not accept essays that are shorter than 400 words. Once again, because the doll that you will be winning is worth a lot of money, I want to be sure that you are putting a lot of your time into writing your essay. Don't just enter when you see the contest, think about what you want to say, come up with an outline for your essay, and then go from there. If you have any problems or questions, I'd be happy to help. I got my first Shirley Temple doll when I was 13 years old, and had to baby sit for 6 months to pay it off, this contest is to receive a prize that is very valuable, treat it like that, and you will create a great essay.

3. You must enter this contest for yourself. YOU must want the doll. If your grandma has always dreamed of having a Shirley Temple doll, but could not afford it, then tell her about the contest, have her enter the contest and write an essay herself. If you think your small daughter may want the doll, do not enter for her, wait for her to grow up some and make her own decision. If you do not want the doll for yourself, please do not enter, essays that are written for others will not be excepted.

4. I will also accept drawings, songs, and/or poems IN ADDITION to the essays, but not as a substitute for the essays.

5. If enough essays do not meet to these specifications, I reserve the right to extend the contest until I feel that I have gotten enough essays that follow the rules. If this does not happen, then I reserve the right to cancel the contest. Also, if you change email addresses, you NEED to email me your new email address so that I will have a way of contacting you if you win.

Ok, that's it...thanks for reading through all this, now comes the fun part! Take some time, and write a great essay, the above instructions should help you, good luck!

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