Shirley Temple Doll Molds

First Shirley Temple Doll Design (close-up)

The first Shirley Temple design, issued in early 1934, was called the "prototype doll" she had the characteristic of:

    -lower forehead
    -light paint color over entire body
    -no mark on the back of her head (only a paper tag on the inside of the head marked "Cop 1934 Ideal Novelty & Toy Co." later this doll mold was the first production run of the Shirley Temple doll, and had COP IDEAL N&TCo. on the back of her head (only)
    -light painting of facial features
    -rosy cheeks
    -larger eyes, very chubby cheeks
    -a more strawberry blonde hair color, bias tape around edge of wig, and very loose formed curls
    -six small teeth in mouth
    -original pin that came with the doll wasn't the common one with her finger next to her face, it was a different shot of her smiling, wearing overalls.
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